About Us

The OTYC Board is made up of undergraduate students who are responsible for selecting annual repertoire, organizing production teams for each opera, and arranging performance events. A new board is elected at the start of each calendar year.

Opera Theatre of Yale College 2023 Board
Artistic Director

Mia Rolland, SY '24

Managing Director

Veronica Zimmer, SM '25

Assistant Artistic Director

Sophie Dvorak, TC '25

Assistant Managing Director

Jacqueline Kaskel, BR '24

Operations Manager

Sean Liu, GH '26

Orchestra Manager

Naomi-Jeanne Main, DC '26

Archivist and Web Manager

Ben Beckman, SY '23.5

Business Manager Adam Winograd, MC '25

Marketing Director and Social Chair

Claire Donnellan, SY '24

Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator

Davis Morgenstern, MY '26