How many operas does OTYC perform annually? Who selects the shows?

The OTYC board chooses repertoire each spring for the following academic year. In the 2022-2023 season, we are putting on four operas. The season typically consists of a short starter show, two medium-sized fall productions, and a mainstage production in the spring. 

How do I audition?

For information about our audition process, please refer to the “Get Involved” page. For further questions, please contact our recruitment coordinator Davis Morgenstern at davis.morgenstern@yale.edu

What if I have never sung opera before? Can I still audition? 

Throughout our season, we cast all sorts of roles ranging from chorus cameo to prima donna. Even if you’ve never sung opera before, we encourage you to come out for an audition! Many of our regular cast members sang their first operas on Yale’s campus – most of us aren’t even music majors!

I’m a [director, conductor, instrumentalist, set designer, lighting designer, stage manager, etc.], can I get involved too? 

Absolutely! It takes a whole village to put on an opera. Refer to our “Get Involved” page for more info on how your talents can contribute to OTYC. For further questions, contact managing director Veronica Zimmer (veronica.zimmer@yale.edu)

I’m a student who loves opera, but I don’t want to perform - how can I hear about your shows? 

We have a student panlist that we use to advertise anything and everything OTYC-related–contact our recruitment coordinator Davis Morgenstern, at davis.morgenstern@yale.edu, to be added. Additionally, in the weeks leading up to a show, we’ll advertise over Facebook and Instagram, so watch out for those posts! Plus, we staple posters anywhere and everywhere (look out for the poor, unfortunate board member who gets stuck climbing to the top of Science Hill!). 

Are community members welcome at your performances?

Yes! If you are a community member, we would love to see you at our upcoming shows. All of our operas are free, but require ticket reservations through Eventbrite. Requests regarding ticket reservations can be sent to our Artistic Director Mia Rolland at mia.rolland@yale.edu