"Always" and "Sāvitri" focus on the strength of love and lengths people will go to save their relationships. "Always" tells the story of a couple – Ellen and Joe – both at the start of their relationship and at the end of it. The ten-minute opera intertwines the sparkling naiveté of a new relationship with the bitter reality of a breakup. "Sāvitri" is a 25-minute chamber opera that recounts the epic romance of Sāvitri and her husband Satyavān, two characters from he Sanskrit epic the Mahābhārata. When Death comes for Satyavān, Sāvitri asks him to grant her life – the life of Satyavān.

OTYC performed this double bill in the Morse/Stiles Crescent Theatre on Saturday, October 9th. It was our first in-person performance for a live audience since March 2020! You can find a link to the performance here, and a link to the program here.